We Spoke To Swedish Singer Fatima Before Her Brixton Show


Written by Don't Panic
20 Friday 20th June 2014

Swedish singer Fatima is making serious waves at the moment, and we managed to catch up with her before her show in Brixton tomorrow:

Describe a typical day in the life of Fatima, do you have any routines or rituals?

I don't have a set schedule but something I do most mornings or late nights is watch Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 and Hot 97, a bunch of documentaries and interviews...Aside from this it's the typical, taking a shower, eating and all that jazz.

What do you love about collaborating with other artists? Who has been your favourite?

I like working with different artist for different reasons. Each moment has brought something new to the table and has been special in it's own way. Working with Flako for example is great cause besides watching him create his magic you also get to drink tea especially imported from his gran's garden in chile. Verbena is the one. In LA I got to record with Computer Jay wich was crazy cause his studio is like a lil spaceship. Me and Shafiq Husayn got a special musical connection too. Love his swing and his writing side. Scoop Deville just got those heavy beats.. I'm just blessed to have been able to work with all these musicians, Floating Points, Oh No, Theo and Knx. They've opened my mind to sounds and my heart. Love em' all.  

Who's the best cook, Floating Points or Alexander Nut?

You tryna get me killed? For real, they both make good food. Alex is the curry master and Sam's currently going through his Big Green Egg phase, get familiar world!

Can you give us the best film(s) you have watched recently?

 I think the latest film I watched recently that I liked is Broken Flowers with Bill Murray. He's dope, I love him. He's a g when it comes to portraying melancholic yet hopeful characters. And he's funny.

Best book/comic?

Two of the favourite books I've read is 1, Pryor Convictions by Richard Pryor.  You can hear his voice in your head as your reading his words, it's like he's talking to you. And the man's got an amazing life story. 2, The Tao of Wu by RZA was very inspirational. Both books recommended to me by Alexander Nut so shout out to him! 

What was your favourite cartoon/tv show growing up?

I love Per Åhlin's work like Dunderklumpen and Resan Till Melonia, The the shapes of his characters, the warm colours and the great personalities he's created is very close to my heart. Furthermore Ebba & Didrik, Pippi Långstrump and most filmed versions of Astrid Lindgrens books, ZTV, 100 Kilo Godis, MTV, The Simpsons, Fresh Prince...Basically a mix of swedish and american TV. 

Where is your favourite place to eat in Sweden? Any tips for our readers?

Beside my amazing mom's delicious cooking I love Gojo Fasika, Amidas Kolgrill, Akki Sushi, Koh Phangan just to name a few.  

Where is your favourite place to party? 

Anywhere with dope music and good company. I was recently bar hopping in Queens listening to Cumbia and all sorts of beautiful sounds, drinkin rum and havin fun. I did dance loads at the latest Eglo Party tho! So wherever the quality sounds and the love's at.  

Can we expect to see you at any festivals this summer?

Yes! And I can't wait! Catch me and the Eglo Live Band at following places.

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Fatima is playing at The Midsummer Terrace Party in Brixton tomorrow. The rest of her dates are as follows:

27/6 - Bird, Rotterdam 

6/7 - Mekki Festival, Paris 

29/8 - Dimensions Festival. Show + Eglo boat party. 

3/9 - Outlook Festival. Opening up for Lauryn Hill, followed by more shows at the festival + Eglo boat party.

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