Weird Fashion


Written by Don't Panic
04 Tuesday 04th November 2008


The line between originality and buffoonery is a fine one, ask Russel Brand. Let's use this season's fashion weeks as an example. They call it 'Prêt-a-porter'. It's supposed to mean 'ready-to-wear'. But is it? Really?
Just how far removed are these 'clothes' from their original function? We don't want to put limits on the artist’s imagination, but sometimes it just feels like it is for all the wrong reasons! The question springs to mind; are they actually trying to torture us? Are Jacobs and Pough sniggering to each other from behind the runway saying “Let’s see how far the bitch makes it in those fuckers before breaking both legs!”
Enough talk, you can see it for yourself here. Here are some favourites - hot off the catwalk!


At number 10 is the latest creation from Lie Sang Bong as seen in the Paris Spring/Summer 2010 show! We're not exactly sure what the inspiration behind such a technical headpiece was, perhaps IKEA!

Some very antisocial headwear by Gareth Pough. No offence to this spectacular collection, but greeting someone with an air kiss wearing this could take their eye out!

If you are after some real foot torture then look no further than our number 7 with this design from the latest Aminaka Wilmont S/S 2009 collection. Inspired by the ancient Chinese tradition of crippling women with corset style bandages around their feet.

If you are looking for a real head-over-heels experience, these lovely Nina Ricci’s at number 6 will guarantee you a red-carpet-worthy entrance that no one will forget in a hurry

Pair those shoes at number 6 with this latest Victor & Rolf creation and you might finally nail your dream career at the Circus of Horrors.

Yet to make a real impact with ease there is, naturally, nothing like a pair of bunny ears aka Louis Vuitton A/W 2009/2010! If it's good enough for Madge...

London Fashion Week S/S 2010 - VFS Ones to Watch - The concept for this, which was conjured up from the mind of Marko Mitanovski himself, included huge antlers made from real hair. This is a top fashion accessory in the current economic climate; it grows straight out of your head for free!

This year, however, it is not just all about NY/London/Paris and Milan. Fellow designers in Hong Kong are catching up. The mummy look will be all the talk for this coming summer.

Now... keep your panties on; there is an off-category contestant from menswear. A very on trend one-shoulder take on the Borat classic - the mankini meets the Flintstones in hot pink. Ronaldo will be crying tears of jealousy as all the eyes drift in your direction with this design by Jeremy Scott.

So heres the moment you've all been waiting for, our finalist! Alexander McQueen needs no introduction. A heavyweight in foot-torture, he's inspired by Darwin’s theory of evolution. Now these are worth breaking both your legs for!

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