Written by Seun Mustapha
11 Friday 11th July 2008


Hey guys! Soup?

All: Hey Don’t Panic.

Soo, you guys are starting to make waves nowadays. You’ve got your new album coming out in a few days. How long has it taken you to get to this point.

Billy: Wet Dog has existed for around two or so years now, but the band you see before you (me, Rivka and Sarah) has only been around for a few months. Our last bass player left and I joined the band.

Cool, so you managed to find a replacement bass player on short notice?

B: No, I didn’t play bass before I joined the band. I learned for the sake of the band.

Rivka: She is good though.

Oli (photographer): Better than Sid Vicious?

B: Yes, I would say I’m better than that guy. Better hair also.

Agreed. We keep seeing your music described in all sorts of incomprehensible ways. How would you describe the WetDog sound/ethos in a way that even our readers could understand?

R: I guess we'd describe it as 'rank incompetence'.

Sarah: No, 'joyous, ramshackle punk lite'.

B: With harmonies.

R: We don't really have any influences per se but I was always really into these guys. *shows tattoo on arm* They're called DATBLYGA. They're a Welsh band.



Wat? How do you even pronounce that?


B: I'm really influenced by Duffy.

Duffy? Wat? Surely shome mishtake?

B: No seriously I really respect Duffy. Her, Adele, Amy Winehouse...

What’s it like as a credible girl group? Like I said before, when researching you guys we kept coming up with genius quotes like "they’re like the Slits" etc…

S: It hasn't really caused us any real problems. People do bring it up a lot. It's like the status quo for bands is to be men so as soon as you pick up a guitar and you're a girl it's kind of like breaking the rules and everybody starts getting excited.

R: Yeah, people do bring it up a LOT. Three vaginas in a band = serious business.

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