What Makes Me Stressed


Written by Alex Muertos
05 Monday 05th November 2007

Alexander G Muertos is a 21 year old London based blues artist with a voice as deep and grainy as a 60-year-old Gauloise smoker with a penchant for white spirit mojitos. Alex weaves heart wrenching tales of woe and despair through lyrics of relationship heartache. So we thought we’d ask him what stresses him out.

"There aren’t many things that stress me out. I’ve tried hard to think about it and then I realised that I don’t think that much coz thinking can prove stressful.

Then I had a moment of guilt and thought that shit like famine in Darfur, bills, the state of the economy, waiting in line, fundamentalism, child labour and drug use should get me down. But they don’t. The only thing that does is the fact that Jay Z gets to bounce away at Beyonce's fine arse. There truly is no justice in the world.

Nothing will stress you out like a member of the opposite sex, especially when they get to know you. They learn all the right buttons to push, but you get over it in the end, coz if you don’t have them in your life you're still gonna get pissed off. Its a lose, lose situation.

I used to get wound up with bouncers and bar tenders who would get irate and impatient, and get all arsey. But then I had an epiphany and thought they have to put up with people, drunk people at that, and all the shit their boss puts on them. I have a lot of admiration for those guys, coz they graft and generally get on with it. In fact I think they deserve to belittle people. You have to get your relief somehow."

For more from Alex visit www.myspace.com/alexandergmuertos.

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