What're The Sweariest Songs Recorded?


Written by Don't Panic
16 Wednesday 16th December 2015

Music streaming service Deezer has provided us with a Christmas miracle, an answer to that eternal question: which songs will most offend our parents (aside from the tunes played backwards that encourage ritualistic murder)? Obviously the tracks with the most swear words; the ones that make you yank the aux cord, talk loudly or explain 'well, they're allowed to use that word.' 

Deezer has crunched the numbers on 35 million tracks and determined the most expletive-ridden artists, songs and genres. Some top scoring musicians and tunes are: 

Lil Wayne - Beat The Shit

'Fuck with me wrong, take me out my zone
And I'll knock the motherfuckin' snow off your cone, my nigga
Man, it stink in this bitch, it must be them pussy-ass niggas talkin' shit
So beat the shit out of that pussy-ass nigga'

David Banner - Fuck Em

'You see the horns on my head? Nigga you know I'm the devil
And I pack heavy metal, what the fuck you gon' settle
Bitch you better settle down I'm a real ass nigga
I'm strictly bout my scrilla, motherfuck them niggas'

PTAF - Boss Ass Bitch

'I don't give a fuck about your ratchet ass lames
You can suck a dick, I'm all about fame
Fuck a nigga, fuck a bitch, straight getting paid
I love money. That's all I gotta say
You say "Fuck love", I say "hey"
Nigga, fall back. I'm made for the game'

Snoop Dogg - Down 4 My Niggas

'Fuck 'em, let's get 'em, do 'em, I did 'em
We getting nutty in this motherfucker
I got my buddy in this motherfucker
Leave a nigga bloody in this motherfucker
We in the cutty, motherfucker
You done done too much; you got it coming, motherfucker'

Fatboy Slim - Gangster Tripping

'We gotta kick that gangster shit
C'mon we gotta kick that gangster shit
C'mon we gotta kick that gangster shit
C'mon we gotta kick that gangster shit'

Interestingly, after rap, spoken word is the next most foul-mouthed genre. However, the video below is the only thing I can remember of that scene and, really, it seems quite safe for work (apart from the merkin-style hairpiece):

Deezer have posted an explicit playlist here, too.

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