Written by James Read
Photos and illustrations by Aaron Conway
07 Sunday 07th October 2012

Love your London promo vid - thanks for that! What's your work-out regime, and how do you stay healthy and keep pumped on tour?

Gotta make time for health. I run, do callisthenics like situps, push ups, pull ups, etc.  Body, Mind, spirit; all connected. All working in harmony towards a possitive  life experience. Don't worry about trying to remember these tenets, it will all be in the pamphlet. 


Actually, wait. Alopecia, Mumps - you don't "wear rubbers or sunscreen". This doesn't sound very healthy at all...?

Au contraire, strictly au naturale (and other such free spirited European phrases)

You dropped rap for Eskimo Snow, but there's some great rap tracks on Mumps, etc - like Sod in the Seed. So you're not plumping fully for the indie rock sound yet?

Not sure what 'plumping fully for' means but I'm going to take it as a sexual metaphor. I think it is possible to 'plump fully' for many things at once...I know I know, my ex didn't like that way of thinking either. 

You've worked with Doseone for well over a decade now - as cLOUDDEAD, Greenthink, Apogee and the like. I think your latest was in 2009 for the Themselves mixtape? Have you got any more collaborations in the pipeline?

Adam has been doing sound effects for our latest comedy video series. He's a real wiz.

You went to art school before you started WHY?. What do you think you'd be doing now if music hadn't worked out?

Sex work of some kind. I'd like to say pimpin' but I'd probably be hustling handys in the back alleys on the seedy side of Cincinnati. 

Apparently you got into hip hop through listening to A Tribe Called Quest while at a religious conference in rural Pennsylvania. Does that seem kind of weird, looking back?

Not at all. It makes perfect sense actually. 

If you could sing or rap in any other language, what would it be? Or can you?

Cockney. That shit sounds hard as fuck. 


Mumps, etc is out today on City Slang. You can see Yoni & the gang at Electric Ballroom tomorrow (9 Oct).

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