Wildflowers at The Louisiana


Written by Melz Durston
23 Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Conceived two years ago, when Siddy moved from Bristol to Brighton, she roped in her sister (long-time musical muse) and friend James from her former band in Bristol, and they found the missing link in Kendal, who was hanging out at an Open Mic night in Brighton. Wildflowers will be bringing their banjos and Can-Can folk sensibilities to Bristol's Louisiana tonight.

Inspired by their travelling tendencies, lead vocalist and songwriter Siddy explains: 

"We tend to get inspired by the different relationships we have with the people we meet. I love road tripping, nature and meeting new people and this always comes out in our lyrics."

An itinerant background might be likened to artists including Laura Kidd (She Makes War), Amy LaVere, Samantha Crain and Rhode Island based band, Throwing Muses - but this is where the likeness ends. 

Siddy and the band have worked hard to self-promote and tour, saying:  

"I spent a lot of time contacting festivals and playing any gig I could get, so as to meet people. Any money we made we would put back into our music."

Siddy's songwriting technique is pretty unique in that she never sets out to write a particular melody or narrative.  Instead, she'll set the video rolling, start playing, and see what evolves.  It's by doing it in this way, that they get the edgy and authentic sound that you'll hear on their latest EP Let It Go.

"Then I go back and listen to everything I have sung and look out for good lyrics and melodies. It's great having the recordings to refer back to because sometimes I can't remember what I've have written."  Siddy says.

Talking about their latest EP, Siddy says there are definite recurring themes of nostalgia:

"Tell them I'm Your Woman and Nobody Loves my Baby were kind of about learning to be comfortable with myself and sticking to my gut instinct."

The band recently played SXSW where they were taken in by the spirit of the festival.  But if they had to choose one place in the USA to inspire them, it would be Detroit:

"The people there have had a hard time, and this all gets channelled and expressed by the young musicians who live there. I feel like they really have something to talk about. There's genuine passion and a real spirit."

When on the road, they do find their inspiration on whatever seems to be on rotation on the stereo:

"We listen to lots of music in the van. When I write I don't tend to listen to music for inspiration.  It just comes out in what ever album I've been rinsing that week."  Siddy says.

"Kit sometimes helps write the lyrics and James comes up with the guitar riffs and melodies. Kendal comes up with the harmonica riffs and and we all work out our own harmonies."

After they are done with their tour, they'll be mixing their new album which is due out later this year.  They'll also be appearing at Redfest in Surrey this July and a few others, which you can find out about on their website here.

Tonight, Bristol has a lot to offer in terms of live music - there's Wildflowers at the Louisiana, Blood Red Shoes at The Trinity and Angie Stone at Colston Hall.  But, let's face it, Siddy urges you to get yourself to their gig for the simple reason:

"Our ticket prices are a lot cheaper!"

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