Wu Tang Clan Are Industrious


Written by Fin Murphy
20 Tuesday 20th August 2013

Despite a chequered history, Wu-Tang Clan are rightly known as living legends. With stripped-down beats and unforgettable lyrics, their landmark album 36 Chambers helped define East Coast hip-hop for the rest of the 90's and continues to influence artists to this day. Individual records like GZA's Liquid Swords and Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Lynx, plus anything ODB spat on, proved the nine-piece was more than the sum of its parts. Away from music, the group has pursued a whole range of other endeavours. 


The Clan themselves boasted an eclectic style, ranging from Polo classics and Timberlands to, well, this. It made sense for them to brand their look, gaining popularity with their debut album and even further success with 1997's Wu-Tang Forever. Wu Wear featured everything from shoes to jackets to t-shirts, even 5-panel caps before Primark started selling them. Since the brand has entered relative dormancy, Wu-Tang have collaborated on pieces with Nike and Alife.


Wu-Tang's lyrics have always been noted for their numerous references to pop culture, so it seems fairly obvious that they'd branch out into the ultimate bastion of nerdiness: comic books. 12 Reasons To Die serves as a companion to RZA and Ghostface Killah's concept album of the same name, set in 1960's Italy. This isn't the groups first foray into graphic novels, with superhero comic Nine Rings of Wu-Tang and a scrapped 2010 series preceding the latest venture.


De-facto group leader RZA has a healthy sideline in acting, being perhaps one of the only musicians-cum-thespians to not be absolutely crap at one or the other. Alongside roles in Due Date and American Gangster, Bobby Digital has been busy behind the camera, his first feature The Man With The Iron Fists debuting in 2012. The flick pays homage to the martial arts films which provided such an influence to Wu-Tang Clan. Rzarector has since signed to co-produce a remake of The Last Dragon, starring Samuel L. Jackson.

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