14 Monday 14th February 2011

So you're touring the UK with Katy Perry! Are you excited and do you have plans to remix another one of her songs?

Yes we are! It's gonna be a cool new experience for us! I'm very excited to see her show and to play to british crowds! For the moment nothing is planned but why not! We're open to all propositions.

How would you describe the mood of this new album?

We toured our previous (and first!) album for nearly 3 years and had to take a break after that. We began to work on the new album in September 2009 and one year after we were ready to come back with 11 new songs. On the new album we worked more on melodies, harmonies. It's probably more about singing than it was on Pop Up and a little more melancholic as well. We mixed hot rhythms and cold synthesizers. We really wanted to make people dance as on the first album but it was important for us to put more deep emotions in our songs. We like the idea that you can listen the songs in different moods!

Last year's song with Crookers, 'Cooler Couleur', was amazing – are there any collaborations on your new album, or in the works?

For the new album GrandMarnier and Tepr did the main part of the production, but we are really happy to have the contribution of Siriusmo, a producer from Berlin, on 3 songs (La Musique, Unillusion and Le Grand Saut)! We really are fans of his work and he already did a remix of the song 'Les Femmes' (from Pop Up).

That's an awesome hoodie you're wearing on the cover art for your new single. What was it made of?

This 'Lion Hoodie' was designed especially for me by Jean-Paul Lespagnard - a young Belgian designer! And he did super cool stuff for the guys too. We had already worked with Jean-Paul on the music video for 'Ce Jeu', he is very talented.

Do you have any favourite acts for 2011?

Hmmm, curious to see Metronomy again, curious to see what Kanye West can be able to do now! So many things actually... always curious.

Do you have any words of wisdom we can pass on to your UK fans?

We are really happy to be back in UK, and even if we are touring with Katy, we'll have a few shows of our own for our fans to dance & have fun together in the Safari Disco Club!

And here's a blast from the past - Yelle performing at a Don't Panic club night way back in 2008

Visit Yelle and get your tickets to the 'Safari Disco Club' good times at their website,

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