You haven’t got any bottle!


Written by Johny Chhetri
17 Tuesday 17th August 2010

As you might or might not know, Tila Tequila was viciously bottled recently at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Here’s a visual snippet of it. Poor girl, but let’s not forget that she isn’t the first person to be bottled off stage or receive any abuse. We here at Don’t Panic like to ‘take a look’ at things, so we took a look at some memorable bottlings...

50 Cent

Oh how I miss the days of Neanderthal gangsta wannabes going “G-G-G-G-Unit!” and sounding like a Tourette’s-sufferer who happened to have a stammer at the same time. How I miss them indeed. Witness this spectacle in all it’s plastic glory, all those bottles remind me of that scene in the Jet Li film Hero where a gazillion arrows are heading Mr Li’s way… he didn’t survive.



This happened in Portugal, with rocks instead of bottles. God bless you Portugal.

Daphne and Celeste

This is being featured in the list just for their sheer determination and beautiful grins.

Justin Bieber

Well this had to happen sooner or later. Apparently it was actually a pack of sweets wrapped in an I Love JB t-shirt. If only it was a bomb.  Best comment goes to resboy2012 “our 1 chance world...once chance....all you needed was something harder...bigger...sharper. WE could have taken out 1 of the biggest bitches in history. This epic fail is up there with Valkyrie."
Tegan and Sara
We recently did an interview with the Canadian sisters. And boy, they really know how to retaliate, with good old fashioned "up your butt" threats! Girl power!!!
Panic At The Disco
Best bottling of 2006? I think so. If only it was fatal.
And this is how you really react to getting shit thrown at you...
Angry Reactions 101 by Josh Homme


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