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You Need To Hear This


Written by Jack Blocker
02 Thursday 02nd October 2014

Despite what I've (somewhat facetiously) said in the past, I do know that there's a wide-world of interesting, obscure music out there, and it tends to sound better in certain formats and through certain headphones.

If you're the kind of person who appreciates this idea, then you must starting following You Need To Hear This, a shiny new platform from the good people at Noisey and Philips. 

Not only will it be breaking the hot new tracks you need to hear, it will also be schooling fools in the nuts and bolts of the sonic sensations that fly down your earholes. On top of this, there'll be a load of mixtapes, interviews, regular platters of odd characters, dynamic duos, and a few news reports that will really blow your mind.

Better still, Philips are currently peddling a line of headphones in conjunction with the YNTHT project. The Citiscape range will deliver a heavy load of bass without compromising quality, so if you care how your beats sound then you definitely need these resting on your head.

And unlike a certain brand, they won't make you look like a second division footballer or a rapper who just got dropped from his label.

Go visit You Need To Hear This now!

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