Your New Fave Label: STROOM


Written by Oscar Henson
08 Tuesday 08th August 2017

In recent years we've witnessed a real re-fetishisation of the role of the ‘crate digger’: that person who, uninterested in keeping up with modern musical trends, spends his days scouring dusty shelves and back-room bargain bins for those Holy Grail records - rare, undiscovered, foreign gems that somehow managed to fall through cracks in time, waiting to be re-discovered, re-packaged and re-appropriated by musos and music freaks for the modern and discerning listener.

Stroom is one of many young ‘heritage’ labels dedicated to unearthing and re-releasing strange and rare records by rare and strange artists. But while other labels like it can come across lazy and opportunistic, Stroom shines on account of the sheer brilliance of the records and individuals it uncovers.

The releases tend to come with satisfyingly nerdy back stories: for example the Cybe album, which collates the recordings of a geeky Dutchman made in the early 80s following a mind-expanding trip to southeast Asia. Previously released only on a limited batch of tapes, the recordings themselves are lo-fi and endearingly rickety, only adding to the impression that these have been discovered by chance in some forgotten place and snatched at the last minute from the jaws of obscurity.



Who? The label is run by Ziggy Devriendt (aka Nosedrip) - a DJ and digger who specialises in finding rare, forgotten records with kilos of character and interesting authors.

What? Re-issues of strange, hard-to-find records, spanning synthpop, new age, ambient and general weirdness.   

Where? The label is linked to the Music Mania label and record store in Ghent.

Why? Because these beguiling records were lovingly and painstakingly saved from extinction – listening to them now is the least you can do!

How? Head to Bandcamp.


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