Your New Fave Label: Whities


Written by Oscar Henson
29 Thursday 29th June 2017

Many of dance music's most iconic labels made their mark by focusing on a particular sound, a particular location, a particular crew of producers. Think DMZ, Metalheadz, Underground Resistence, Rephlex. 

A different and perhaps more impressive type of label, though, is one that starts from an abstracted theme - a particular set of sonic ideas, say - and runs with it, joining the dots between seemingly disparate artists from different genres, countries and eras, and making them seem as if they had been somehow been inexplicably made for one another.

Over the last few years, Young Turks sub-label Whities has revealed itself to be a label of this description.

At first, it could have been mistaken for just another house-and-techno label (albeit a very good one - the early releases from Terron and Kowton are all absolutely essential). But then came the curveballs. First up was Minor Science's 'Glamour': a claustrophobic, glitching electro track that sounds like musique concrete on pingers. Next came a pair of 12"s from Reckonwrong, which sounded like modern, hyper-colour fusions of 80's new wave and UK funky. From there, the label has touched on glitchy ambient (Quirke), leftfield hip-hop (Coby Sey) and glossy IDM (the recent record by Lanark Artefax - already touted as the best record of the decade).  

Wherever Whities goes, it seems dedicated to pushing music that is complex, cerebral and challenging, but also instant and intuitive in its appeal. No matter how weird, discordant or far-out things things get, Whities records are always underpinned by a certain pop-sensibility or dancefloor appeal that make them immediate and moreish. 

Who? A sub-label of Young Turks (home to The XX, FKA Twigs) run by London-based DJ, Nic Tasker. 

What? On the whole, the label specialises in brainy bangers - the sort of tracks that will have you chin-stroking with one hand and gun-fingering with the other. 

Where? London.

Why? For fans of eclectic dance labels like Hessle Audio, Hotline Recordings, Warp.

How? Soundcloud

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