Zipper Hairstyles


Written by Madeleine Cowley
31 Tuesday 31st May 2011

The zipper is being incorporated into various hairstyles in a number of ingenious ways. Above the scalp has been intricately shaved with the distinctive pattern of Louis Vuitton to resemble a designer purse stuffed to the brim with 100 dollar bills.

Never has flying low been so on trend. Here the zipper is open to reveal a lightning bolt design shaved into the hair. In this instance the zipper hasn't been attached so seamlessly and could do with being grown in a little. Still, with a trend in its infancy, there's bound to be teething troubles.

Ladies with longer locks are not left out with the zipper hairstyle. The above weave allows an eyecatching contrast between straight and sleek hair on the outside with a bouquet of curls pouring out at the top of the fastening.



Zippers are used as ornamental headwear as far afield as Kenya. These Turkana women from the dry bushlands of Elementata decorate their hair with dozens of zippers.

Not quite content with having zippers adorning your hair? What about a tonguepiece? We're pretty sure that this one's Photoshopped by the way, so don't go trying this at home!

Seen any other zip-heavy hairstyles? Drop them in the comments!

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