Zombie Zombie


31 Tuesday 31st August 2010

It was the night ravers were supposed to dance blissfully unaware to commercial pop music – until two crazy French electronic music scientists thought differently – using sound and rhythm to explore the fear inside you. This summer the only thing more exciting than hearing Etienne syncing keys and Cosmic Neman banging drums will be Etienne syncing keys and Cosmic Neman banging drums live. Coming to a venue near you – from the producers of the John Carpenter cover album – Don’t Panic
presents Zombie Zombie:

Is your first gig this week?
Actually yes, I’ve been hiking with my family in the Alps, we haven’t been playing for a month, hopefully we will still remember how to play music.
What set-up do you have?
Everything is analogue, no computer, so we just trigger everything with the drum machine and the keyboards, and I play drums. We’ve got one keyboard which has only one bit of memory, the SH-101. So every track we have to record the sequence, so it’s all created on stage. I think it’s more fun, sometimes it doesn’t work. Especially shows where you don’t have much time to set-up, it can be really bad. I hope not tonight but I think it’s kind of a dare to use those machines and it’s more fun.
Are you really into collecting different instruments?
Yeah, Etienne is obviously really into collecting keys, we don’t really go to stores we go over the internet you know places like E-bay.
You’re influenced by Neu and Krautrock. Have you managed to collect any of their instruments?
Yeah obviously they’re big influences. Maybe they are not exactly the same instruments maybe they are different ones, we're not trying to do the same thing but we like the vibe of it and the concepts and play our own music with it. We still like space rock more, I like when there is no computer or samples it’s just live
It’s not like Kraftwerky?
The approach is more like free jazz we find a theme and then we play around a theme, it’s improvisation. There are two of us so it’s very easy to have an interaction between us. There is no base player who has to follow the beat. You can look over at one another and we know that it is working it’s not like a moody pop song it’s working with what’s going on.
You’re touring with MGMT?
We did a few gigs with them in Spring. We didn’t trade records or anything like that but they’re cool guys. They produced their album with Sonic Boom who is part of Spacemen 3, someone we really like. I think they have really good taste in interesting music. Maybe there music is more poppy than ours though.
You looking to see anyone else tonight at 1-2-3-4?
Yeah I’m really looking forward to seeing These New Puritans, I’ve seen them before but I haven’t seen them with their new album which I like. Then also I love the Optimo guys I’m a big fan of them. They invited us to play at the Sub-club at Glasgow a few years ago so it’s a pleasure to see them. We’re playing in Brighton tomorrow but were just about to record the new album. First were going to release an album of John Carpenter covers coming out in the Fall in September. Obviously John Carpenter is a big inspiration for us so we said what the hell lets do it for fun, pure pleasure.
[Etienne jumps in ‘Hello everybody!’ he’s been preoccupied with the set-up]
Are you going to play Assault on Precinct 13?
We’re going to play some tonight but our tracks usually last for about ten minutes so we're going to see if we can play more than four tracks.
You must be majorly into horror films calling yourselves Zombie Zombie and doing John Carpenter covers...
To me, most people think it’s all about B-movie stuff, one of the best movies for me is Assault on Precinct 13 these types of movies really are masterpieces for me. At the time when we saw then we were young unconscious and we didn’t realise but the soundtrack is still really big influence. But then the John Carpenter thing is the last horror project we are going to do and the new album will be a new sound. Maybe we’ll do the videos with Amy Winehouse’s new boyfriend or maybe it will come out like we're too high.


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