5 Best & Worst Edible Skulls


Written by Kinsey Sullivan
17 Monday 17th December 2012

Chocolate Skulls

Marina Malvada makes chocolate skulls using a mould cast from an actual human skull. She uses “bone chocolate,” her signature blend of Belgian white and milk chocolates, to get that just-pulled-from-the-crypt look. The process takes about three weeks from start to finish. You can own one, if you like, just pop over to her site and order it.

Gummy Skulls

The ever-bizarre Flaming Lips released four new tracks last year on an USB key embedded in a 3.2 kilo gummy skull. To get to the songs, just rip right through the gummy brain. A second iteration featured a marijuana-flavored brain, which, all things considered, seems like a logical next step. 


While this could be interpreted as a statement on American consumerism, we're more interested in the teeth and the engineering marvel that is the eye sockets. 

Spice Skulls 

Helen Altman molded millet seed, bamboo, poppyseed, and many other types of spices and ingredients into skulls. They say the exhibition at New York's Museum of Art and Design smelled delicious. 

Fruit and Veg Skulls

While these proliferate, especially made of autumn gourds for Halloween, Dimitri Tsykalov's fruit and veg skulls stand out from the pack. They're graphic and skillful. He also waits until they've just started rotting to photograph them, so that the fruit (or veg) has shrivelled and begun to decay


And the anxiously-awaited worst:

Marshmallow Skulls

The clincher is that they're advertised as a "great children's project."  

Meat Skull

This one's really unsettling and almost gory. I can't even imagine why this much deli meat is even useful, and the olives and onions as eyeballs configuration is questionable. The wimpy bed of lettuce (half iceberg, half spinach) really makes it, though. 

Sauce Skull  

Partially horrible because it's 2-D, this one also fails because the remnants are impossible to decipher. However, it's partially wonderful because of the blatant finger-painting style and the swan placemat.  

Bread Skull

Pathetic, especially with the inclusion of that should-be-enticing butter pat. 

Cake Pop Skulls

This one gets bonus points for creativity, since they're shaped and iced by hand, and because the woman who made them tackled the ever-tricky cake pop with panache. She also said she was going for that "gritty, ghoulish, just-dug-up, dirty look," which explains the color choice. Looks like she nailed it. Not sure what to make of the leering skulls in the background, but they might taste good.

Got other skulls you want to share? Post them below, we'd love to see them. 

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  • Guest: makeupartistmiriam
    Mon 12 - Mar - 2012, 17:11
    the meat one is grosssss but I LOVE the chocolate one, its beautiful :)
  • Guest: fairwy
    Tue 28 - Feb - 2012, 15:34
    Sugar Skulls! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=375879409091027&set=a.339791539366481.89865.252027031476266&type=1&theater;