A Look Into Buying Organic Weed


Written by Dont Panic
09 Tuesday 09th August 2016

Earlier this year Tim Farron was the first leader of one of Britain's main political parties to propose decriminalisation of cannabis. 

For anyone who has totally forgotten who Tim Farron is, and you'd be excused for doing so, he's the leader of the Lib Dems–you remember them?–And therefore counts as more of a main party leader than anyone from the CLA or CISTA.

With Theresa May filling his boots and Labour too busy arguing amongst themselves, the legalisation of weed remains out of reach. For now.

But, experts and optimists believe that there move is inevitable. With the legalisation of weed comes more choice, more safety and a lifted moral conscience.

Would it be too wild to imagine that, in the not so distant future, we'll be treating our bud the same way we treat fine wines, fresh vegetables of food-fad-filled smoothies. No longer making do with the sub-par stuff from the kid up the road or having to worry about getting in cars with scary dudes, we'll be able to shop for our stuff at ease.

Somehow the idea of Theresa May picking through plants like she would organic vegetables, or biodynamic wines seems unlikely. But who knows, maybe she'll be on that 'plant based diet' too.

This guy from Amsterdam was just another dude and now he's the (self proclaimed) 'cannabis king'. He searches the world for special strains of organic cannabis, like the infamous White Widow, which, currently, you can only buy online as seeds. 

He wants organic (Landraces) and he's not afraid to go the extra mile for it.

If you are an ethical eater, shopping at Planet Organic, drinking smoothies and promoting a raw, organic diet. Can you imagine purchasing weed in the same way?

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