A New Chapter for Iraq?


Written by Oly Beer
13 Monday 13th September 2010
On September 1, President Obama officially announced the closure of American combat operations in Iraq, seven years after the invasion began. Although 50,000 American troops will remain on the ground to help ‘maintain’ the war weary state, American military personal will fully withdraw from Iraq by the end of next year.

America has “paid a huge price to the future of Iraq in the hands of its people” stated President Obama in his speech announcing the US military’s withdrawl from Iraq. The cost of the Iraq invasion is currently estimated to be in the region of $74.7bn to the US economy and, its long term long term cost is appropriated at $3 trillion.

Speaking shortly after Obama’s announcement, Iraqi Prime minister Nouri Maliki praised the end of the US combat operations, stating publicly that his country was now ‘sovereign and independent’. Some beg to differ. Politically, it seems a convenient time for Obama to cut combat operations considering the upcoming critical midterm elections in America just over a month away and Obama’s election promise to withdraw from Iraq. The question that people all over the world are asking is, is it too early?

It is apparent that the majority of Iraqi civilians and government figures are pleased by the news but some (the more critical western rabble) have deemed it too soon and worry how the currently American-propped-up state will manage on their own. It seems almost ironic that America are pulling out now, taking into account the sharp rise in Iraqi civilian deaths. Although it could be argued that America have a lot to do with the death level, bearing in mind the recent WikiLeak footage of American soldiers killing anything or anyone that seemed ‘suspicious’ at will.

The world now turns to American to answer what their involvement in Iraq has achieved. Perhaps more importantly, looking in retrospect, was it worth it?  To many it is still a toss up between an invasion and an occupation. There are still many unanswered questions surrounding the invasion, which has more recently been called by an avid Bush supporters America’s ‘imperial moment’. Have America learnt nothing from Vietnam? To sum it up, no, they haven’t.

Let’s hope, imperialism is dead. Developed states fighting in guerrilla warfare isn’t feasible. It’s about time war wasn’t the forethought of America’s mind. Put your itchy trigger fingers away G.I Joe, world poverty and the increasingly alarming financial situation needs a little attention too. Oh yeah? What happened to those weapons of mass destruction that were apparently in Iraq? It's unsure what lies ahead in Iraq's future but one thing is certain, America's war is far from over. The future of Iraq is now in its people's hands – good luck.

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