American Sniper's Fake Baby


Written by Jack Blocker
20 Tuesday 20th January 2015

Anyway, rant over! At least see it for the thrill of skulls being popped at 800 yards. Yes son, I live for that pink mist HOOYAH. Another contentious point raised in the film involves a new born baby. Or more importantly, a new born baby who isn't a baby at all.

As you may notice in the above clip, Bradley Cooper's hulking frame appears to be cradling a doll. Better still, his finely-tuned trigger-finger is jiggling the arm to give it those life-like baby squirms. In a bit a trivia that's more interesting than it has any right to be, the budget baby may be due to California child labour laws. Even in a movie about America's greatest patriot, newborns can only be employed for two hours at a time. Fucking shirkers. These God dang Benedict Arnold babies are pissin' me off!

Late last year, screenwriter Jason Hall tweeted this since deleted confession:

@MarkHarrisNYC hate to ruin the fun but real baby #1 showed up with a fever. Real baby #2 was no show. (Clint voice) Gimme the doll, kid.

There you go. Anyway, to ensure we all know this is a legitimate story of real value, I've embedded a few related tweets from a bunch of nobodies:

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