A To Z Of The UK's General Election


Written by Dont Panic
27 Thursday 27th April 2017

Our handy guide to the people, dates, places and issues which will dominate the next few weeks. Enjoy.

A - Arron Banks
Top UKIP donor and arch Brexiter Arron Banks was to stand as the party's candidate in Clacton, but has since withdrawn his application

B - Brexit 
Brexit, you heard of it? Should've by now. If you haven't, brace yourself, it's going to be pretty central in the next few weeks of electioneering

C - Christian 
Tim Farron's strong religious beliefs have alarmed voters, particularly regarding LGBT issues and abortion.

D - Debate
Theresa May has so far ruled out appearing in televised debates and Jeremy Corbyn has stated he will not attend any without her.

E - Economy
The Tories will put across a message of economic competence while Labour will decry issues such as austerity and insecure jobs.

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F - Fightback
There's speculation that the Liberal Democrats could make serious gains from their anti-Brexit stance, recovering from their 2015 electoral drubbing.

G - Gibraltar

After voting overwhelmingly to Remain in the EU referendum, Gibraltarians may be apprehensive about who will win the election and lead Brexit negotiations, seeing as its sovereignty is at risk.

H - Hard Border 

The border between Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit will be extensively debated about, as concerns build that a hard border could stoke sectarian tensions in the region 

I - Independence Referendum 2

Despite a 55% vote to remain part of the UK in 2014, Scottish independence continues to be a potent political issue and a second referendum will be hotly discussed during the election period

J - June

Thursday 8th is voting day, put it down in your diary.

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K - Kingmakers  

While the polls currently put the Tories as massively ahead of Labour, they've known to be disastrously wrong in recent times; it could see parties like the Lib Dems or SNP prop up the largest parliamentary party in the case of a hung parliament

L - Leaders

The big names to keep in mind are current prime minister Theresa May (Conservatives), Jeremy Corbyn (Labour), Tim Farron (Liberal Democrats) and Nicola Sturgeon (SNP)

M -  May we end this suffering as soon as possible

N - Nuclear weapons

Jeremy Corbyn's opposition to nuclear weapons is at odds with much of his party and has proven to be a controversial stance in the press

O - Oh no, we've got weeks and weeks of this ahead, haven't we?

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P - Polls
Current polls put the Conservatives well ahead of Labour and Theresa May has higher personal popularity than Jeremy Corbyn

Q - Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen will dissolve Parliament on 3rd May and open it again on 19th June

R - Register!
Even if you're going to spoil you ballot or not bother on the day, make sure you're registered here

S - Stability
The Tories have turned this into their key selling point, promising to muddle through complicated negotiations, slash social spending and cut taxes for the rich - but look stern while doing so   

T - Tactical voting
Political figures such as Tony Blair and Gina Miller recommend voters cross party lines and support candidates who have an open mind about Brexit

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In further proof that the party's social issues are as sound as their economic ones, like divorcing the UK's largest trading partner, UKIP's manifesto includes a burqa ban and outlaw shariah law  

V - Vauxhall
The Lib Dems are particularly aiming to unseat current Labour Brexiter MP Kate Hoey, who represents a Remain constituency 

W - Why, oh god why, another one of these fucking votes, haven't we had enough, why me, why now...

X - Xenophobia
If you thought the EU referendum campign was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet...

Y - Young people
Despite what the Tories say, you are the future! Get out and make your voice heard

Z - Zac Goldsmith
After the electorate cucked the billionaire in 2016's mayoral election and Richmond Park by-election, Goldsmith has gained the Tory candidacy for his old seat

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