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An Australian Beer Blogs Europe


Written by Fin Murphy
07 Monday 07th December 2015

By now the internet's so full of bleary eyed #hammockselfies, names written in sand on 4/10 beaches and Jakarta sincerely captioned as 'paradise! xD' that foreign travel's taken on a fairly cliche appearance. This isn't new insight, obviously, and the popular view doesn't neccessarily detract from the experience, but it would nice to get a new spin on the exotic places and faces that've become same old. This is why I happily bring you Single VB Stubby Travels Western Europe.

Beginning 1st December at London's Heathrow airport, our humble beverage reviews the UK, soon imparting spot on insights like 'British men, but not so much women, are all in some way inbred. This is because there's only 3 types: posh cunt (and you can see it in his face), ketamine dealer (Read: Jamie Vardy), and man who looks like he runs a failing small business and has odd facial hair'. 

Taking in the capital city, 'everything (that Brits) say seems to sound like they're trying to swear, but not swear particularly explicitly. My favourite three London Underground tube stations are officially Mudchute, Shepherd's Bush, and Cockfosters'. Moving onto Oxford we learn that 'Tesco's offers great deals, and Foster's is a disgusting un-Australian beer, and neither are as good as VB'.

Anyway, I wouldn't want to do the beer blogger a disservice by merely hacking up some quotes, so you can follow VB's exploits here.



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