Apprentice Blunders Fitting Toilet


Written by Dont Panic
20 Wednesday 20th January 2016

I remember my bright eyed, fresh faced days in content. OFWGKTA played on the radio, a nation realised you could pull pork and we all wondered 'just what is health goth stuff?'. It was a different time.

I must've stared at the screen for hours. A brilliant idea executed exactly the way I wanted it through confident writing and brutal editing; boy, I didn't know what a hot take was then, but as I recall the keyboard was emanating heat.

I found the most fitting picture- both for the article and in optimisation. High-res. The blog was sufficiently packed with other decent work, I pawed my copy of Fear And Loathing (who wasn't?) as if to say 'I've arrived.' 

I pressed 'publish'. It took a few hours for the content to sink in and fall apart. 

The picture was grainy, fatally misread specifications being my undoing. The errors, typos and syntax came in thick and fast, lighting up the page like a carpet bombing. The idea was misinformed and misunderstood. Cliches were ripe in the text, giving off the impression of being a harried intern... for a job I did not yet even have.

I was just another twat piling wank into the void. But I'll never forget that initial pride, it was what pushed me to keep on going. I also realised you could delete Tumblrs wholesale. I reckon the guy in this video feels just the same.  

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