Arnold Aslak: Into The Drink


Written by Don't Panic
30 Tuesday 30th June 2015

It’s a sunny day in Shoreditch. This is the home of fabric, Frappés and currently one of fashion's finest Arnold Aslak. We caught up with Aslak at his hectic studio, with only weeks to go before the launch of his latest collection; an unlikely collaboration with Cocio, called the MLK:MN Collection.

“It’s been a long 6 months. I have definitely cried over spilled chocolate milk,” he remarks with a grin. We’re inclined to believe him.

Aslak is well on his way to being one of the most sought after designers in contemporary fashion, following a successful string of releases such as the polarizing ‘Inner-City Bonnet’ or more recently ‘Velvet Vikings,’ that mixed traditional Nordic attire with, unsurprisingly, velvet, to critical acclaim.

We were curious as to why he wanted to work with a drink brand, but he seemed excited to discuss the potential of the project:

‘Cocio has a signature style, as do I. Plus, it is also a substance, and my work has substance.’ But don’t just take his word for it; fellow designer Dominic Gomez recently described Aslak’s contribution to the fashion world as ‘noteworthy.’ 

The exact release date is still under a lot of internal speculation, however we have an exclusive and candid look behind the scenes at the forthcoming MLK:MN Collection.

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