Awesome Airbnb Listing For SXSW!


Written by Jack Blocker
25 Wednesday 25th February 2015

Before I begin, I want to state that this is not a polemic against an outrageous Airbnb listing. I know a troll when I see one, and this host has just delivered a keynote address in online subterfuge.

You see, I recently wrangled a ticket to SXSW - time 2 #rage in Texas guys :P !!!! As you can imagine, flights to the Lone Star state are pretty expensive, and even though I earn a six figure salary creating unparallelled content for Don't Panic's millions and millions of readers, I'm still trying to do the damn thing on a bit of a budget.

As a result, I've been checking Airbnb, the room-renting website that's about as altruisitic as an online community can be, especially one where money changes hands. Sadly, this good grace hasn't extended to Austin during SXSW, where advertised rates are sometimes increasing by 200% once you've clicked through to the listing.

But hey, the festival brings an increased demand, capitalism is our god, and people gotta eat right?! Especially the kind of impoverished people who have a spare room available in their multi-room house or a separate property altogether. Man I feel for them.

Anyway, one host recently uploaded his Chicken Coup, no doubt as a cutting comment on the desperation and deep pockets of attendees. Or just for a cheap laugh, whatever. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if someone actually books it despite the joke. Desperate times and all that.

Also, Michael, if you're reading get back to my message asap, thanks bro.

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