Written by Clementine Lloyd
29 Monday 29th November 2010
Tirelessly working on a passion that seems to be held by none other than yourself is a thankless task, especially when your passion involves getting yourself into bafflingly odd situations, including the odd scrape with thugs and Feds. You are in fact more likely to get a conviction, or facial bruising, than a well earned pat on the back. Try telling this to Badface, a retro-loving, now Cyber-savvy journalist of the world, hell bent on getting himself into silly situations “so you don’t have to”. 
So that’s the basic ethos covered. What exactly does it mean? Well, since conceiving of the penname, our gentleman friend has been involved in the odd bit of violent abuse, as the victim, indulged in some ill-informed shoplifting (just say no kids), taken a trip into the underworld of ‘Play Piercing’, and stood naked in a room full of strangers trying not to get too happy, if you know what I mean? Its difficult to believe this could happen to one man, but even weirder to believe these experiences are sought out for the hell of it. 
What makes this guys tick?  That’s precisely what we wondered. So we asked... “The basics idea of Badface is to think of things that I really don't want to do – then force myself to do them so I can write about them”. It’s not logical, but at least he’s honest! Badface in its purest form started in print, self-published in the format of a ‘zine, hand-made and distributed amongst the larger Cities in the UK. How? Well...
“I hide [Badface] around town for strangers to find. My favourite hiding places are inside things that people will buy, like books or coat pockets. I also try to slip them into the trollies that go up and down selling sandwiches on trains. I award my self extra points if I can reverse pick pocket it into people's handbags.”
Psychologically unhinged? Bizarre and uncouth? Well Perhaps, but the outcome is a treat! With pithy prose, bizarre sketches that accompany the story, and the ‘nefarious’ distribution tactics, Badface (the man and the monster) make up a secret cult. Perhaps not so secret now it has stumbled its way into the world-wide-web eh?
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