Best Bromances


Written by Barney Cox
19 Wednesday 19th December 2012


Ryan and Seth

Ryan had a rough upbringing, knows how to jack a car, and is master of the silent brood. Seth is a self-confessed geek, with a preference for emo indie bands, comic books and wise-cracks. In short, they’re the original star-cross’d bros. Let’s face it, The O.C. would have been a hell of a lot worse without these two, and would probably have been limited to endless scenes of Marissa whining, throwing tantrums, shouting at her Mum, over-dosing, chucking deck-chairs in the pool, and (spoilers!) shooting people to Imogen Heap’s ‘Hide & Seek’. Ryan, Seth (and Summer) saved us from that: be thankful.


Will Smith and Tom Cruise

"Haha! Scientology is great! Haha!"

This was originally going to be about Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith, but whilst we were reading an article about the pair attending tweeny nightclubs, we took a good long look at ourselves in the proverbial mirror… and we didn’t like what we saw. So, instead, we’ll settle for Jaden’s dad, Will Smith, and his bromance with everybody’s favourite tiny eccentric Tom Cruise. We just hope the Fresh Prince manages to steer clear of Scientology's ever-pervasive clutches, although rumours have been circulating of his conversion for ages. We're hoping it's only hearsay - stay strong Smith!


Legolas and Gimli

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is packed to the rafters with bromances (there are only two women in it, after all), but we think we’ll pass over the obvious choice of Sam and Frodo: the awkward sexual tension between those two is palpable. Instead, we’ve picked this unlikely duo who sure know how to kick some serious orc booty. What better BFF could a grumpy 137 year-old dwarf have than a wise 2931 year-old Wood Elf who can do this? In The Two Towers Gimli finds himself threatened by Eomer, who tells him “I would cut off your head, dwarf, if it stood but a little higher from the ground.” Quick as a flash, Legolas jumps to his rescue, drawing back his bow and telling Eomer “You would die before your stroke fell”. N’aw, that’s soooo bromantic!


George Clooney and Brad Pitt

On the set of Ocean's 11.

Pretty darn dapper in their own right, when you put these two golden boys of Hollywood together the accumulated levels of suaveness are enough to blind anyone without protective visors. Having starred together in Steven Soderbergh’s slick casino-heist flick Ocean's 11 (we’re just going to pretend Ocean's 12 never happened), these two have been close friends ever since. Unfortunately, their names don’t really lend themselves to a supercouple mashup à la Brangelina. Which sounds the most glamorous? Grad, Beorge, Pooeny or (ahem) Clitt?


Kanye West and Jay-Z

These two have a long-standing professional relationship, and started collaborating with each other in 2000, which saw the release of Z’s ‘This Can’t Be Life’, produced by Kanye. Since then, they’ve gone on to collaborate on chart-toppers like ‘Run This Town’ and ‘Monster’, and even released their own album, the critically-acclaimed Watch the Throne. To top it all off, they've remained close friends despite the ongoing Beyonce/Kim Kardashian feud. That’s dedication for you!


Ron Weasley and Harry Potter

We don't know what's going on here, either.

Even if you think J.K. Rowling is a little over-rated (guilty as charged), you can’t fail to be touched by the enduring bromance between Harry and Ron. They’ve had their fair share of falling outs, like Ron storming out of the trio’s tent in Deathly Hallows: Part 1, leaving Harry and Hermione to share one of the most laughable and awkward (and also rather nauseating) dances in the history of cinema. Luckily Ron returned before they could get another one in, and cinema audiences nationwide breathed a collective sigh of relief. Good save, Ron!

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