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04 Tuesday 04th May 2010

Inspired by the Election Campaign and bored with Political b******t, POLLOCKS have launched BillBored Project#1 - a creative idea that sees BillBored designs by artists including M.I.A, Stuart Semple, Neville Brody, Anthony Burrill and Robert Montgomery come to life via a unique series of projections aimed at empowering people during the UK General Elections.

The BillBoredcampaign, POLLOCKS first exhibition since Worthless back in May last year on Seven Dials, was born out of the desire to grab a paintbrush, smear the smear and take control. It is about putting the spotlight back onto the people.

Project#1, collaboratively produced by Niki Best, Debra Bourne & Josef Valentino, offers everyone the opportunity to design and submit their own ‘BillBored’ showing their personal vision for change, in response to the UK General Elections. Submissions are being broadcast throughout Election Week onto the front of key London landmarks as well as being made available afterwards via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the hope of building online interactivity.
In their BillBored manifesto, POLLOCKS say, “It is about time we all made it clear what we want from Politics, instead of being enchanted by false promises. In a call to action, we are offering everyone the opportunity to express themselves about a decision that is ultimately going to affect us all, without being party specific or biased towards any vote.”

BillBored Radio launches on Wednesday in conjunction with Diesel UK, and will stream live from the BillBored website all week. Content will include a live series of discussions, group debates and performances associated towards Project#1.

Josef Valentino, Founder and Creative Dictator of POLLOCKS, explains his motivations behind the campaign, “This is my first General Election as a voter, and I am being asked to chose between shitting out a coconut or pissing a pineapple – when either outcome is going to hurt”. Young contemporary artist, Stuart Semple, continues, “The Parties’ PR and Marketing Machines have filled our heads with pre-election hype. Now it is time to turn to our Artists – cultures best image makers – and get a clear sense of what really matters.”
The project has emerged almost overnight, with the original idea only being formed a couple of weeks ago. As such BillBored is a perfect example of an organic participatory campaign, constantly changing and developing. Through the course of the next few days leading up to the election BillBored’s Josef Valentino will be updating us on their activities.


Get involved and submit your own BillBored designs here.

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