Blue Hour For New Women


Written by Esme Rees
13 Thursday 13th November 2014

However, much like everyone's 'first times' at anything, it now feels like it's kinda a big deal?! You know? Like, what bag, where from, what colour, what straps - shoulder or rucksack? And the size? Size matters right? I need one practical enough for work, but one that will ensure I can hold my cool if I slip out for post work drinks.

After much deliberation I decided I wanted a black bag (preferably leather, of course), that could slip seamlessly from practical work me, to out on the town, me. 

I thought that such bag could only be conjured up in my dreams. Until this very moment.

Blue Hour is a dark and desirable fashion brand, aimed at 21st century women like myself, who aim to feel sophisticated and powerful throughout their working day, with a little bit of individuality thrown in to spice up the evenings.

Lauren Clowes, the Brand Director and Designer says she has a vision of how the 'New Women' dresses. She uses sharp shapes, rich detailing and clean angular lines to forge elegant and luxurious pieces with their own strength and prestige.

Blue Hour’s first collection is centered around high quality leather accessories - check one - the collection is built on a backpack theme - check 2 for practicality! And is based on geometric shapes, with both form and functionality being of equal importance. (yes, yes, yes!).

All backpacks have the same distinguished python effect leather and clean design principles that has bound this collection together.

Girls, these ARE the bags of your dreams. For real.

Check them out here:

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