Breaking Bad's Back


Written by Fin Murphy
10 Saturday 10th August 2013

We all know that guy. He could be the dude who speaks loudly and offensively in public to get attention from others. He overshares the details of himself on social media. He is a photobomber. 

We've all been in the same scenario with that guy. You're at a social gathering, anything from a party to a bus stop, when you're cornered by someone incapable of breathing out of his nose; “hey, have you seen 24/The Wire/The Office (always the US version)/The Sopranos, bro?” Responding affirmatively or negatively is irrelevant. You're trapped. 

If “yes,” the response will be along the lines of “OMGISN'TITTHEBESTTHINGYOU'VEEVERSEENHOWHAVETHEYNEVERREACHEDSUCHTELEVISUALHEIGHTSBEFORE?" If “no,” it's “OHMYGODWHYHAVEYOUNOTSEENITIT'SJUSTTHEBESTTHINGWHAT'REYOUEVENLIVINGFOR,” before being regaled on why staring at a particular programme for an hour is great or why you have to see it. 

In any case, Breaking Bad is a programme and it's ok and it's back for the last episodes. This is a tragedy for you because that guy will get even more desperately effusive, while for that guy, a finished programme will be another closed chapter on a fleeting and sorry life.

Do what you can to survive. Ignore all human contact until yet another hyped American show starts.

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