Melania Trump To Enter Celebrity Big Brother House


Written by Don't Panic
08 Monday 08th August 2016


LONDON - After the shock departure of Christopher Biggins, Channel 5 has confirmed that Slovenian-American former glamour model and prospective U.S. presidential First Lady Melania Trump is to enter the Celebrity Big Brother House.

Sources have confirmed that husband Donald's election campaign has sanctioned the move to help bolster Melania's public image. Due to an apparent lack of confidence in speaking English, she has previously been coaxed into speaking out alongside her brash partner. One speech she made, based on hard work and family values, appears to have been plagiarised from Michelle Obama. In addition, a nude photo shoot Melania took part in years ago has come to light; while the shots are eyebrow raising enough, it has brought into question Melania's immigration status at the time, as she would've been on a temporary non-work visa.

Melania has previously said she’d like to be a ‘traditional’ first lady akin to Betty Ford. With Donald, Melania has a 10-year old son, Barron, who she has nicknamed ‘Mini-Donald’- this puts her in good stead to deal with the childish antics of Stephen Bear. 

She’ll be able to connect with viewers around the world, speaking Slovenian, German, French, Serbian and English, but to have signed on to CBB it proves that money talks. However, while Melania may lack confidence with speaking English, she'll appear to be a master orator compared with TOWIE star Lewis Bloor.

As much of a fan of plastic surgery as Aubrey O’Day, Melania hopefully won’t share her inclination to spit in food. Sparks will fly with fellow New Yorker Frankie Grande, whose sister Ariana has previously said she ‘hates Americans’. Melania is replacing Christopher Biggins, who faced controversy in the house due to comments about AIDS and bisexual people and was ultimately given the boot after making a Nazi joke to Jewish contestant Katie Waissel. Biggins may however find a sympathetic ear in Donald Trump, who has defended posting an anti-Semitic image to Twitter and has made a host of inflammatory comments about minorities. 

We'll see if Melania's stay in the house is any less controversial...

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