Bristol stockbroker loses his job over shit Twitter joke


07 Wednesday 07th January 2015

A Bristol stockbroker has been sacked after tweeting that he had hit a cyclist but drove off because he was late for work.

Rayhan Qadar, 21, posted the intended joke Tuesday morning and lost his job at investment firm Hangreaves Lansdown just hours later.

Qadar retracted the joke, apologised and deleted his Twitter account but the company have said his behaviour was ‘completely unacceptable.’

Avon and Somerset police are now actually investigating the incident.

The Eastville resident said, ‘It was a really dumb thing to say - and now I've lost my job. It's mad, like you write something and I had no idea it would blow up like that.’

‘I had no idea it would blow up like that’ is the scariest part. Yes, the joke was stupid but it was a joke. Now the graduate is unemployed and being torn apart by people on the internet.

The tweet was undoubtedly immature but realistically just a 21 year old making a shit joke to a thousand followers.

Qadar said, ‘I say a lot of things like that on Twitter. People that follow me for a few years they know I talk a lot of nonsense really.’

Do you think that’s a good enough excuse? Should we know that there are no refunds on twitter blunders? Nobody reads the T’s & C’s but maybe we should know that dodgy jokes can ruin your life.

Personally, I don’t give too much thought into what I’m tweeting and I’m not sure this guy thought his joke would really offend anybody.

Maybe we should all go through our timelines today and delete offensive comments to avoid a run in with the law - nobody knows where this web witch hunt will end.

To be honest, I see more offensive tweets on my Twitter timeline every day. 99% of the social media site is just trolls. I've seen paedophilia jokes, rape jokes even Madeline McCann jokes are game on Twitter - so should Rayhan really have been sacked?

Let us know what you think. 

Latest update: an online petition is calling for Rayhan Qadar to be given a disciplinary for his joke rather than the sack. Nazim Uddin, who created the petition says 'In a country of free speech, we should be able to tweet jokes. This wasn't even offensive, threatening, nor illegal.'

 The petition has got 382 supporters so far and only needs another 118. You can sign here

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