Cannabis Got Me In To Gardening


Written by Esme Rees
20 Wednesday 20th January 2016

Weed culture kind of passed me by. I started off strong, smoking 'shotties' in fields with my mates when I was a teenager, but my habits sort of climaxed there. By the time I started university I'd forgotten what it was like to be stoned and in my twenties I felt embarrassed at my lack of knowledge or experience with grass. 

Short of being handed the occasional spliff at a party and gingerly accepting, fears of 'whiteying' swirling around my head, I was pretty much a weed virgin. Anyway, after some time I began to associate myself with more people who liked to get blazed and eventually I relaxed in to it too. It wasn't until I met my boyfriend though that I really began to enjoy it. We had a laugh about the way I say 'spliff' and how I didn’t use street terms with any real conviction and last year I finally learnt how to roll. Lolol. 

Recently, friends of mine recently bought some cannabis seeds online and I was quite excited for the outcome. I was surprised when the pretty plant grew. It wasn't exactly a tree... but we didn't care.They put it next to the kettle on the window cill and gave it a name and nursed it day-to-day in between cups of tea. I became very fond of the plant, as did they all, and was sad when butchering day arrived. :(. “Can't we just keep it?” I whimpered.

For them, smoking day was ceremonious. For me, it was sad. The guys were resourceful and made oil and some kind of butter with any left over bits. Reassuring me that cannabis oil can even help cure cancer, but I’m skeptical and this isn’t High Times so let’s leave it there. 

This whole procedure did more for my interest in indoor plants than it did weed. I now have a lemon tree growing in my kitchen and some succulents. But each to their own I guess...

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