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Celebrate 25 Years of the Hubble Telescope


Written by Jack Blocker
24 Tuesday 24th February 2015

'Are you having a Hubble?' is a phrase no one's ever said, but perhaps if they were tasked with creating a Vine, Instagram or YouTube video in honour of the 25-year-old telescope, they might just utter those words? Probably not, because it's a really terrible pun. However, a new competition is asking you to dedicate a short clip to the Hubble Telescope as it approaches its 25th birthday.

The Ode to Hubble competition is asking people to film a Vine, IG or YouTube that represents how the Telescope has inspired them. This leaves you with a wide range of options, so only the scope of your imagination will limit you. I'm obviously brimming with excellent ideas too precious to divulge here. As I know that relaying them would cause everyone reading to copy the lot, thus spoiling the competition, I'll keep the suggestions to the organisers:

"Pan over a drawing, scroll over a poem or text, film your own Hubblecast, film yourself performing or talking about a Hubble topic, create an animation or compose a piece of music and upload it as a video piece. Just make it innovative, creative and, most of all, inspired by Hubble, or one of its great discoveries or images."

The winners will receive a section of the Hubble's original solar array (the 'wings' at the side) mounted in perspex and runners-up will be given a host of lesser prizes. Don't worry, it's not just stuff you can buy at the Science Museum gift shop!

The competition runs until 12 March 2015. For full details, visit the site

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