Celebrities with Birds


Written by Jade French
09 Sunday 09th September 2012

Swan Fact: Swans mate for life. This is a romantic notion until you consider the swan who fell in love with a pedalo in 2007. Then it is just sad.
Leo Fact: It’s not just swans for Leo. He has had pet dogs, frogs and a lizard names Blizzard. “He carried his pet lizard with him on the set [of Titanic],” said Kathy Bates.

Jude Law


This is a little different from Leo, but with the same moody aspects. It’s as though Jude is thinking really, really, really hard about something really important like World Peace or economic disruption and the FTSE index. It’s as though Jude hopes that by maintaining this haughty, intellectual stare into the middle distance the viewer will not realise he is in a pink child’s paddling pool with a duck.

Duck Fact: All of the Peking ducks in the United States are descendents from three ducks and one drake imported to Long Island, New York in 1873
Jude Fact: At 17, Law quit school to star in a British daytime soap opera called 'Families'.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson takes the phrase ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ to a whole new level. Showing a rarely seen tender side Tyson’s casual wool-knit, his cast down eyes and connection with nature all lend this photograph a gentle beauty not usually associated with the heavyweight champion. Tyson has a long, spiritual and slightly odd connection with pigeons - he got into his first fight when a neighbourhood bully killed on of his pigeons and threw it in his face. Mike says: "The reason for the fight was because the guy ripped the head off my pigeon. This was the first thing I ever loved in my life, the pigeon. I don't know why, I feel ridiculous just trying to explain it. They're so much like people." 

Pigeon Fact: These particular pigeons are called ‘Rock Doves’. Which sounds a million times cooler than ‘pigeon’.
Mike Fact: Mike claims that when he was rising through the ranks in his young professional career he abstained from sex for five years

Miley Cyrus

What this girl won’t do to get in the public eye! From her recent hair cut to smoking spliffs to the ‘Can’t be Tamed’ video, Miley has shown her taste for the wild. But we all know the only way to truly get tongues wagging is to hang out with a real wild bird: the duck. Like Jude Law before her Miley has chosen the anas platyrhynchos domesticus to heighten her public image, making us ask life’s biggest question of all “Who is the real Miley Cyrus?”.

Duck Fact: A duck has three eyelids.
Miley Fact: She was originally named Destiny Hope by Billy Ray and Leticia but she was such a happy baby they started calling her “Smiley". Later shorted to the much more sensible 'Miley'.

Tom Cruise

Forget everything you thought you knew about Tom Cruise like the Oprah Winfrey sofa jumping and the bad taste jokes about eating placenta. Now, look at him ride that eagle like the bastion of Hollywood he is. As Cruise straddles the all-American eagle there is no doubt about his macho persona. Yet, this is offset by the merry-go-round and tiny panda sitting on his lap. The overall effect says 'Hey, I'm a well rounded guy. Masculine yet sensitive' and after starting at this picture for 5 seconds you are guaranteed to be all ‘Scientolo-what’. PR perfection.

Eagles Fact: The bald eagle is not actually bald. It got its name from “piebald” meaning spotty or patchy.
Panda Fact: The Chinese revere the panda which they call "large bear-cat."
Tom Fact: Cruise is the celebrity people would least like as their best friend as reported by Marketing Evaluations.

Marlon Brando


Some moments are just perfectly captured. Whilst filming Bedtime Story on location in Cannes, Brando found himself up to his neck in sand with a seagull on his head. Brando manages to make this scene look almost normal as his quizzically lowered eyebrows seem to say ‘Shucks, not again!’. Even here Brando’s raw, animal magnetism holds the scene turning what should be ridiculous (he has a seagull on his head, for crying out loud!) into a seductive shot. This has to be a high point in Brando’s career only rivalling his cameo appearance in Superman as Jor-El.

Seagull Fact: In Native American symbolism, the seagull represents a carefree attitude, versatility, and freedom. In Blackpool they represent too many chip shops.
Marlon Fact: He was expelled from Libertyville High School, in the north suburbs of Chicago, for riding his motorcycle in the school halls.

Daniel Radcliffe

Like Brando (this is the only context in which these two will be compared), Daniel Radcliffe and this bird were brought together on set. What followed was one of the most beautiful friendships between boy and bird since Kes. Harry and Hedwig were pretty much insperable, until JK decided to kill her off in the last book. Thankfully in this photograph Hedwig is alive and kicking, ready to deliver mail and be Harry’s best friend. This is a super tender picture as Daniel stares into our eyes, one finger caressing the snowy owls neck – this intensity was later channeled into Radcliffe's role in Equus.

Owl Fact: Owls have been found in the fossil record up to 58 million years ago. The largest recorded owl fossil, Orinmegalonyx oteroi, stood about three feet tall.
D Rad Fact: He can perform the Match of the Day theme tune using his hands and mouth.

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