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Written by Don't Panic
10 Friday 10th April 2015

Such as. What course shall I do? What degree shall I study? What university should I go to? Such decisions are enough to make the best of us draw a sweat. But, none quite prepares us for the sickening aftermath - I've done all of that education business, so what the bloody hell am I going to do NOW?!

Whether you're just ascending on post-grad life, currently in a job you hate or simply looking to the future. The big 'what now' is a daunting prospect to say the least. So what if I told you that no matter what your background, there is a way for you to put a cap on your anxieties and find yourself in a job you love after just 12 weeks? 

It may sound like sorcery but actually Makers Academy offer a very sensible solution. In our ever expanding technological age you could offer one of the most sought after skills for any business. You could learn to code in just 12 weeks!

Makers Academy is a web development course based in London's place to be; Silicon Roundabout. The course offers a rigorous programme taught by talented professionals that culminates on graduation day. On completion, not only will you be introduced to London's top technology companies looking to hire entry-level developers. But sent to interviews too. And be able to access their on-site careers support. Most graduates go on to earn an average starting salary of £30k!

So, take your head from your hands and book your scholarship through Don't Panic. Once your place has been accepted you will receive £250 off the total fee!

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And change your future!

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