Cheer Yourself Up With Voucherbin


Written by Esme Rees
08 Friday 08th May 2015

As we are all well aware, this is a day for mourning. I had hoped my Friday night would be spent toasting an ale to the man, Ed. Instead, I see a long drawn out evening of crawling round Manchester's pubs and bars and getting locked into conversations with locals about how much we all hate the Tories.

On top of this, I can't even justify turning my wage into wine because everyone keeps telling me how much poorer we're all about to become. I've already started putting my shrapnel in a piggy bank in an effort to see out the next five years.

But, for the sake of today's events I am going to pull my change and myself together and scout out some food and drinks deals on my recently discovered voucher site Hopefully then I can wallow guilt free, starting with 33% off Papa Johns and 20% off New Zealand Wine. And heck, I better start getting used to being a bit more frugal so it looks like I'll be using the 45% off at Gap voucher next time I need a new pair of jeans. Or, 15% off at Bench for when times get really hard...

Basically, VoucherBin has got me covered. I suggest you have a look and see where you can save! There's always the option of 60% off with Holiday Extras too for those of you plotting your escape...

See the full list of brands you can save on here at Stay strong.

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