Competition: Selfie Fun With Alcatel ONETOUCH


Written by Robert Foster
01 Tuesday 01st April 2014

Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna at the age of 13 was one of the first spoilt teens to take her own picture using a mirror to send to a friend in 1914. In the letter that accompanied the photograph, she wrote, "I took this picture of myself looking at the mirror. It was very hard as my hands were trembling." She obviously knew she was making history.

Of course, in the hands of other trembling, sweaty adolescents since then, the form has gone from strength to strength, culminating recently in a bunch of terrible a-listers showing off at the Oscars and all the narcissistic No Make Up Selfies that have been kicking around these last few weeks under the guise of being a charitable act.

If you're a fan of recreating any of those special moments in history, then oh boy oh boy oh boy, do we have the competition for you. The good folks at Alcatel ONETOUCH are asking you to send them five selfies -- one in each of the following styles, which you can interpret however you want: killer (film noir, sophisticated and deadly are all words that spring to mind), wild (channel your inner tigress/tiger? Mess your hair up, certainly), geek (horn rimmed spectacles look good on almost anyone), dumb (there’s a lot of scope) and kiddo (I feel like silly hats might be appropriate for this one).

Alcatel ONETOUCH will choose 10 finalists, based entirely on how hilarious and fun you manage to be in those pics. They'll select three winners, and those winners/total megababes will be photographed by Alcatel for the upcoming advertising campaign. There's a ton more info right here. And of course, if you don't get picked, you can always update your Tinder with these pictures and meet the father/mother of your child. So we all win, if you think about it.

DP readers, do us proud on this. I feel like it's going to be fun.

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