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Conquer Gear: A Closer Look


Written by Don't Panic
07 Saturday 07th December 2013

Conquers founder Sebastian Stobbs say’s “when memories form in your brain, how aware of the surroundings were you? By visiting forgotten and forsaken spaces, new meaning can be found within walls not intended to be used this way. Infact they are by their nature useless until given purpose again. We aimed to edit the narrative we found and leave some abstract thoughts of our own behind.”

Photo 1: (Conquer travelled to Berlin as well as many UK locations in search of inspiring spaces tucked in unlikely places.)

Conquer Gear have turned their hand to all manner of creative projects and collaborations. Known for screen-printed organic clothing that has been featured in everything from Skins to Never mind the buzzcocks! They have created a new collection of limited edition prints that feature in this photo series, a collaboration with photographer Anthony Lycett.


Photo 2: (Abandoned spaces present themselves as a partly formed picture, waiting for the determined explorer to find a new meanings in forgotten forms and functions.)

This collection launches with photographs, by Anthony Lycett, film by Jeff Metal, and range of limited edition screen prints featuring Conquers principle illustrator Tomoya Hiramatsu.

Together these products of creativity make up: ‘Memories’. You can get your hands on all the limited edition merchandise and clothing here:


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