Conspiracy Shake Down


Written by Aaron Jolly
27 Monday 27th September 2010
The internet is full of bullshit conspiracy theories, most of which are written by tin foil hat wearing fruitcakes who think the government or possibly aliens are trying to control their thoughts via microwaves or some ridiculous fantasy like that. But lets not let that stop us discussing the possibilities. You know what they say, there’s no smoke without fire. Here’s a list of some of our favorite conspiracies, to get you thinking critically.
Are we being slowly poisoned?
Fluoride is put in toothpaste and our water supply, but why? To protect our teeth according to dentists; dental flourosis, which is caused by the consumption of too much fluoride, makes your teeth brown and mottled so I’m not too convinced. The other explanation is that it is a deadly poison that causes cancer and other such medical conditions in order to kill people and decrease the population. Though through my research I found that like lead and arsenic, fluoride is what’s known as a cumulative poison. This means we excrete about half of what we ingest. The rest is stored in our bones, where it increases the density but changes the internal architecture of the bone, leaving it more brittle and prone to fracture. So it’s not going to kill us but leave us with fragile bones, damn you NWO what are you going to do, hit us and break our brittle bones we're not scared of you!
Did America use HAARP technology to level Haiti?
Did America use Nikola Tesla’s weather control technology to destroy a large portion of Haiti, killing somewhere between 92,000 and 230,000 people? Well, according to some people yes. Apparently in his day Tesla triggered lightning and considering America has been working on and engineering this technology for an indefinite amount of time we don’t know how far they could have gone. The HAARP centre has been in Alaska since 1997 but for how long and how in depth the US government has delved into Tesla’s technology is uncertain. The HAARP project is funded by the US Navy and Air Force so this brings into suspicion that the project could be of some military use. Conspiracy theorists say it has the potential to knock planes out of the sky, with some people even going as far as to say that the HAARP project can create a death ray that could destroy anything in its path including people. It seems farfetched. But who knows... have a look for yourself here.
Is the government pumping mysterious chemicals into the sky?
Have you seen those long clouds in the sky that look kind of like jet plane trails but seem to linger around for longer? Well a lot of people have, this one is actually really interesting and kind of scary if there is any truth in it. Chemtrails as they are called are supposedly chemicals being sprayed into the sky for unknown reasons. People have speculated that it may be for weather manipulation, biological testing mind control or some unknown military agenda. Though official and government bodies have consistently denied the existence of such chemtrail spraying. The evidence that chemtrails are in fact a genuine phenomenon is building and a simple Google search will uncover a huge array of photos and eye witness reports even Prince thinks there is something dodgy going on:
And prince knows his shit. Also:
Did we really go to the moon?
Well yes, yes we have been to the moon I’m sure of it and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot. The official videos may have been tampered with or perhaps even faked but given we have the technology available to us why would we have not been to the moon? All I’m saying is that there’s definitely something suspect about this Chinese space walk, you’re not fooling anyone China! NICE TRY.
Are aliens visiting us in UFOs?
Well given the unfathomable size of the universe I for one am certain that alien life exists in many different shapes and forms throughout space and it would be hugely ignorant and egotistic of us to think otherwise. But have they visited us or is it just a lot of people with overactive imaginations, or maybe the Nazis created UFOs in the 1940s? Flying contraptions and beings have penetrated the minds art and religion of people since the dawn of civilization check out this video for some interesting bits:

It’s pretty nuts. We all know crop circles are nothing more than a load of farmers with too much time and cider on their hands, with a plank of wood and some string but either mankind has been having the same hallucination for thousands of years or there is something weird going on in the sky above us. Once when my buddy and I were stargazing whilst on mescaline we both saw a blue flash in the sky and got kind of creeped out. That’s the closest I've ever got to an encounter, but who knows eh, mescaline is hallucigenic after all.
Is there a shadowy elite of the super rich ruling the world?
This is perhaps one of the most interesting and multifaceted conspiracies currently penetrating our collective consciousness. Through my research it seems that there is a hell of a lot of corruption and general dodginess going on at the upper echelons of society, be it through the centralization of banks or the propaganda sowing media. The freemasons most certainly exist, I have walked past their London headquarters on many occasions, but whether it is just a gentlemans’ secret(ish) club where they sit in big leather chairs discussing stocks and high-class escorts or where they discuss their plans for the future of our civilization is completely debatable. If these secret omnipotent societies do exist they no doubt have involvement in the majority of the above theories. As Prodigy says, ‘illuminati rule my mind, soul and my body’ which was sampled in the Jay Z song D’evils. Being a mega rich superstar there has been speculation that he is in fact is in the illuminati, but people who believe that are mostly dumb American creationists who think he is working for Satan, so I certainly wouldn’t side with them. Just look into it and remember that money is power and power corrupts.
Keep it real yo!

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