Controversial Adverts


Written by Marlon Dolcy
25 Monday 25th October 2010

We are all for climate change. But when it comes to galvanizing support for this important subject I don’t think detonating school children and showering their classmates in tomato-puree blood going to help.

This though is how important Richard Curtis takes this subject, putting the mental into the environment issue by conducting a short film showing said carnage he has come under fire from all corners of media and his film has been pulled by his funders 10:10. His critics though are finally proclaiming that he has balls!
Curtis isn’t the first to use controversy to promote his cause. Here are some of other controversial adverts?
United Colors Of Benetton

Loved to push the envelope, but mostly there was a message behind it. This one depicts three identical looking hearts but all with a colour written on them, White, Black and Yellow. It’s funny how we need an advertisement for clothes to teach us about racial intolerance.
Aren’t the NHS just sick of you dumb smokers puffing away eating into their resources. So what a way to help persuade people to stop smoking by using a little bit of shock therapy. Yes a video showing people smoking cigarettes but get this. Instead of tar the fat which comes from the nicotine clogging up your arteries surreally gets oozed out of the cigarette ewww! The poster ads for same campaign are graphic in showing how smokers can get hooked.
British Humanist Association
Telling believers that there is no god is like telling children there is no Father Christmas. There is no need to be malicious, just let them live in ignorant bliss. No. You got to have messages on buses saying, “There is probably no god”, to rub salt into the wound. Now how they gonna get to heaven? Still, you did say “probably”
Heinz baked Beans
This advert got canned because it featured two men kissing. No not having sex, not even using tongues. Just a kiss. Yes we have moved on considerably well in dealing with homosexual issues that we can’t have two men sharing a kiss. Didn’t they know that Bert and Ernie were gay?


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