Crap Shed In Peckham Sells For £1 Million


Written by Jack Blocker
04 Wednesday 04th November 2015

If you're a boozer who lives in or around Peckham and you like going to boozers, much like me, then you've probably been to The Montepelier. You know, that pub on Choumert Rd that stays open later than the other boozers, has too few chairs, and an extremely confusing set of rules about drinking outside.

Got it? Good! Then at some point you've probably exited the pub and walked toward East Duwlich, where you would have spotted a really rubbish looking bungalow on the corner of Costa St. Bungalow's a bit generous, because it actually looks more like a scout hut or something #teens finger each other behind.

Well now I look a right tit for saying that, because that pre-fabricated fingering structure just sold at auction for £920,000, due to its proximity to the increasingly desirable Bellenden Rd - or 'Bellenden Village' (barf), as estate agents are wont to call it. Speaking to the Evening Standard, Chris Coleman-Smith, head of Savills Auctions, said, "there was quite a lot of interest in it and bidding started at £600,000, so people weren't messing around. It was a good result and there is certainly scope for the buyer to achieve a good return."

That "scope" is no doubt referring to the concrete certainty that this is set to be a tear-down project, with the buyer more interested in the value of the location that the actual pre-fab property. That may not be good for long-standing residents of Peckham, but it's certainly a coup for any drunks who want to cap off a sesh at The Monty (barf) by lobbing bottles at the house.

But hold fire for now! Word on the street (the Standard's comment section), is that this property is a post-WWII pre-fab home, a style that is a bit of a rarity and, somewhat confusingly, an oft-protected bit of architectural history. The new owner may face a bit opposition if they ask to level it. Although they probably won't, because if you've got a million spare to buy a shed, you've probably got the financial truck to sway the concerns of a cash-strapped council.

Oh Peckham! You certainly are experiencing things and stuff of great change and concern.


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