Dalston Hate Radio: Loowatt and Mooncups


26 Tuesday 26th October 2010

Work in an office? Hate your life? Try working in an office with 10 'ecologists' from Cambridge. The ultimate life ruiner. These so called intellects talk shit. Literal shit.

Please note: these are the same people that scrawl that mooncup malarky on toilets doors. They admit to it. They honestly believe shoving a funnel up there once a month is gonna save the world.

Anyway. Last week, I was beavering away, checking facebook, at least five tabs open on gchat whilst my day at work was yet again infiltrated by the green society.
These bastards got to go to a conference where they talked about their ideas on changing the planet, how much they hate airplanes (what’s an airplane ever done to you?!) fair trade, blah blah blah…
When I suddenly heard about the revelation that is a waterless toilet. I shit you not. Waterless toilets, WTF?!!
The idea is, you shit/piss into these things as usual but instead of flushing your business away, it gets collected in a bag. Your shit collects for a week! It has a compartment underneath that can hold this shit and once a week, you remove the compartment for disposal. It even has wheels!! Then you wheel it along to what is basically an incinerator
Can you imagine walking down Kingsland Road wheeling your own shit around? There would be shit wars. Fuck guns. Throw shit. They should get sponsorship from Project Trident. The idea of hackney's shit burner scares the hell out of me.
Now for the eco-hard-sell: the 'digestor' or incinerator burns everyone’s shit and creates this really complicated form of bio-gas which can be used to heat your home and all that jazz.
Basically imagine your dinner being warmed up by your own shit and then eating it! You might want to consider one of those cold food diets or starvation.
Imagine a view of London, where all you see is shit-burning towers; like that opening scene of Blade Runner, a smokey view of shit burners drizzling a cruddy smog all over the capital.
If this sounds appealing they even have a blog: http://www.loowatt.com/humangeneration/

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