Dapper Laughs Bares His Soul On Newsnight


Written by Jack Blocker
12 Wednesday 12th November 2014

You've almost got to applaud Dapper Laughs for appearing on Newsnight, knowing that Emily Maitlis was going to easily rip the banter from out of his arsehole. Sporting a redemptive clean-shaven look, Dapper - aka Daniel O'Reilly - resembles a Jacamo Steve Jobs: Earnest, contrite, his face purged of the vaginal fluids that once adorned his designer stubble (I imagine).

No prizes for guessing the issues Maitlis brings up, most regarding his propagation of rape culture. You've heard them a million times before and they really can't be contested. What I thought notable was a point Dapper makes at the beginning about his act's initial success:

‘That type of humour was really popular with a certain type of demographic. The Facebook page blew up and I got a bit carried away with it to be honest with you.’

I can sympathise with this. When your schtick gains a nebulous fanbase on a social network, you're basically performing to friends. Dapper was the funniest guy in the beer garden, holding court in front of a growing collection of banter merchants keen to egg him on. This organic growth was coveted by TV execs, because it meant Dapper already had an audience that he knew how to build. Which saved them a job.

Sadly, people seem to think the home of The Only Way Is Essex, Celebrity Juice and The Magaluf Weekender is more sacred than the internet, so were really offended when an act made famous on Vine was transported to ITV2. On The Pull hasn't been renewed for a second series. You can thank the petitions and the bans if you like, but I'm pinning it on the diminutive audience - one more suited to six second Loops than half hour slots.

Dapper wasn't meant for national attention, but he was sought out by an industry desperate to do anything to gain it.

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