Written by Lenny Fontana
27 Tuesday 27th September 2011

It is a follow-up (of sorts) to our social media satire ‘Can I Be Your Friend?’, promoting Nico Muhly’s Two Boys at the English National Opera (ENO). The original video was featured and tweeted by the likes of Charlie Brooker, 50 Cent and The Huffington Post and received over a million views on Youtube in its first two weeks.

DarkMarket is the story of the criminals, the geeks, the police, the security experts and the victims and includes personal accounts from military and intelligence communities, police, lawyers, the victims of such crimes and – most crucially of all – the hackers themselves.

In May 2010, the disappearance of the line between physical and virtual security became official when US Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced the activation of the US Cyber Command, or CYBERCOM. This fifth military domain, a sibling to land, sea, air and space is the first ever man-made sphere of military operations, created, amongst other reasons, to keep sensitive information – such as important scientific research – safe against attackers.

To celebrate the book release, we're holding an event; 'Dark Market - Hackers, Cyber Crime and You' at London's Shoreditch House on Wednesday 9 November 2011.

For more information, please visit www.darkmarketinsider.com or contact Sinan Jefferies on sinan@dontpaniconline.com.

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