Defacing Plastic Surgery Posters on the tube…


Written by Sarah Dixon
26 Monday 26th July 2010

Has anyone noticed the influx of advertisements for cosmetic surgery on the tube lately? From stuffy and congested platforms the message ‘you are not perfect and therefore not happy’ glares down at sweaty stressed commuters, already whacked out on caffeine and pro-plus, trying to succeed in a rat race where looks equal power, success and money. It’s no wonder that cosmetic surgery companies have chosen to target self-confidence lacking commuters, scurrying around in ubiquitous corridors, avoiding the glare of the world above.

Into the web of fears and anxieties London Underground instils in many a passenger, companies such as the Harley Medical Group install gleaming advertisements offering a ray of hope to those contemplating jumping in front of the 9.11am northern line to Charing Cross. With a new set of Double-D’s, a couple of cheek implants and a quick and easy tummy tuck you’ll be living the life of a city high-flyer in no time. And gentlemen, don’t think that this kind of life affirming action isn’t just for the ladies. Ruined your Calvin Klein model chances by putting a little weight on around the chest area? Simply opt for a chest reduction. Protruding ears affecting your ability to meet women? Why not have them re-shaped? Throw some calf implants in there too! If the advertisements are anything to go by we can assume the procedure is quick, easy and relatively pain free.

The discerning commuter however, may notice a blot on this airbrushed future of perfection, as increasing number of cosmetic surgery adverts are being defaced by campaigners and protesters.
Our investigations into these acts of vandalism came when our award winning investigative journalists noticed a defaced poster with the words ‘sexist shit’ scrawled across it. An expression of anger at the ongoing objectification of women by the media.
A few years ago some committed campaigners set up the Facebook group ‘somewhat strident but who cares’. Although the group makes a point of not condoning illegal activities such as defacing the property of transport for London, user’s pictures of defaced advertisements are applauded and praised. One of their spokeswomen Kirsten Smith said that "Everyone has to come to terms with their own body in an atmosphere that is hostile to developing a healthy self-image. Harley Medical Group is at the extreme end of a beauty industry that profits from destroying people's confidence, in order to offer it back to them."
So next you’re on the tube and feel yourself being swayed by images promising perfection under the knife, think again. Are you so abnormal as to warrant a gruelling and intrusive operation? Are you prepared to go through a stage of post-op care? Will you accept the consequences if you are the victim of medical malpractice, infection, and further complications? Perhaps your nose/tits/tummy or ears aren’t that bad after all.

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  • josemagdalo
    Tue 13 - Dec - 2011, 17:47
    My girlfriend is insisting on having a breast augmentation procedure, not at Harley's but in a Clinic she was recommended to by a friend, I think it's CourtHouse Clinics, not sure why she wanted to do that to herself, I never put much of a deal about the size of her boobs. Geez, how trends can affect one's self esteem. Still arguing about it with her. Now I got their site at ,just needed to investigate on any misfortunes previous customers have.