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Do We Need Terror Leaflets??


Written by Jack Blocker
01 Monday 01st December 2014

Over the past few days, a number of lucky London commuters have been handed a rather grave leaflet. It gives you information on how to act if a terrorist attack occurs during your trip to work. I'm no expert, but from my knowledge there's little you can do if a bomb goes off in your face, so the flyers understandably focus on firearms and weapons attacks.

Statistically, Death is most likely to point his withered finger at you during much more pedestrian circumstances, like crossing the street. As a result, many are calling the leaflets scaremongering nonsense. Similarly, the large majority of folks would probably leg it/hide at the crisp pop of gunfire, rather than don a hi-viz and cartwheel through a station concourse. It's a bit Daily Express to use the term 'Nanny State', so let's just say it feels like we're being lectured on common sense.

Still, we all want the organisations charged with protecting us to act like they actually have a vested interest in doing so. Who knows? Maybe these will encourage us to act as vigilant citizens, steeled against the foes who want to attack the very fabric of our society. Or they'll only widen the chasms wrought by this hugely divisive age.

Either way, I might walk right on by if one of these is offered to me. I'll take a chance on my wits.

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