Don't do drugs kids!


Written by Johny Chhetri
24 Tuesday 24th August 2010

LSD has made the news again as French officials launched an inquiry into a possible poisoning in the 50s which left five dead in Port-Saint-Esprit. The original scapegoat was fungus in contaminated bread, but now investigative journalist/historian Hank Albarelli played Sherlock Holmes and sparked a nation’s interest with after his shocking revelations.

Anyway, LSD is a tried and tested drug (as you will see shortly) so what’s the big deal if we just wanna have some fun with a few harmless drugs granddad? Just check out how much fun all these LSD lovers are having…
Results have shown…
That LSD is a surefire method to get the shits and giggles!
And also that it’s a great way to get rid of those pesky enemies that you may have during wartime and whatnot!
LSD Girl
Look at her. Just look at her, it’s the most confusingly sexy thing I’ve ever seen! She could have been your/my mother for all I know!
The Global Gathering First Aid Tent
Look at all these fun-loving jokers rolling on the floor and such. One guy even tries to spread the love by getting gentle and friendly with one of the security guards!
Should Have Taken Acid With You
Who says you can’t shop on drugs? Apparently this guy was just drunk, I just wanna believe it was drugs!
How It All Ends
For the most part.


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