Don't Panic At SXSW!


Written by Jack Blocker
16 Monday 16th March 2015

Thanks to the festival's extremely lax approach to press status, I managed to wrangle some VIP passes to SXSW! That means the majority of Don't Panic's content for the next few days will hopefully involve ground breaking interviews with artists, scoops from the tech industry, quasi-illegal activity with celebs and photos of bizarre Austin action.

For example, the above image features one of those peddle-bars - except this one's sponsored by social media scheduling behemoth Hootsuite. If you're the sort of person who thinks tech bros are socially stunted douchebags with too much money - who may also have a sexual assault conviction (I'm looking at you Snapchat CEO) - then you obviously haven't seen them sip craft ale on a giant bird-bicycle while Pitbull blares from a mini-rig. Hey guys can I climb aboard lol!

In truth, the music part of SXSW hasn't officially got going yet, so I've actually spent the past weekend driving around aimlessly. Still, Texas has provided. There have been tidy lakes:

Note the impressive waterfall and Dreamcatcher backpiece.

There's also been fuck off big piles of meat. I've got to tell you, if you're ever in Austin, drive over to the Salt Lick. It's like Disney Land for renal failure.

My vision is still blurry!

So that's the deal guys, Don't Panic is on a rampage at SXSW and the festival content is going to be flying at you like dirt from a backfiring gritter. 


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