Drop Bears


Written by Afi Baaqi
09 Wednesday 09th April 2014

This movie might turn out to be horrible but let's be honest, who wouldn't want to see a movie about killer koalas? 

Here's the plot summarized:  "A group of young backpackers go camping in the wild Australian outback. However, our hapless travellers have inadvertently wandered into the habitat of the DROP BEAR – a rare and ferocious cousin to the well-known cuddly koala. Now they must fight or become the creatures’ next meal. But can they all survive the night?" 

I'M GETTING GOOSEBUMPS ALREADY, Creature feature madness! Drop Bears is produced by Peta Astbury and directed by Stephen Banham. The two geniuses have a kickstarter to help fund their project and you can donate here.

If this movie does get enough money and the whole production goes through, I only hope the sequeal will be about Killer Galagos.

Check out the trailer for Drop Bears below!

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