Drugs are good! Okay?


Written by Marlon Dolcy
01 Monday 01st November 2010


The former chief drugs adviser Professor David Nutt and Dr Les King claimed today that alcohol causes more harm than heroin or crack cocaine. Well duh! Whenever I’m out on the town, it is not a heroin or crack addict that I have to bitch slap from spoiling my Saturday night. Most likely it is some “geezer-mate” tool, tanked up on Carlsberg who mistakenly thinks he is John Bloody Wayne. So this news comes as no surprise to me.
Unfortunately the man does not want you to know this, because it costs them too much money. The profit of selling prohibited drugs as opposed to if it were legal is always going to be higher. Fact.  In truth the war on drugs is not working. The prohibition of drugs has demonized our most desperate citizens, isolating and criminalising them in equal measure from our society. All to no purpose, because as the prisons fill up, the drugs still stay on the streets.
Having being sacked by the previous government’s advisory board Nutt and King set up the Independent Scientific Committee which focuses on sixteen different criteria on drugs and its effects on health, crime, economics and international relations. Its verdict concluded that alcohol is easily the most harmful substance in Britain. The least damaging are ecstasy and LSD. Alcohol was deemed 10 times more harmful than LSD and 8 times more harmful than ecstasy. But drugs policy is not ruled by science but by politics.
As Thomas Paine wrote when he called for civil disobedience against the monarchy, "A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right”. These words of wisdom may also ring true with this issue. In the US, proposition 19 hopes to legalise the recreational use of marijuana in the state of California. Hopefully this legislation is passed. I propose that a Hamsterdam is created within the UK, an idea from Baltimore’s Lieutenant Bunny Colvin in The Wire. It was legal to use and sell drugs within this area as a result of this crime levels decreased in the whole of the city.
However there are despots such as Peter Hitchens of the Mail who believe that if drugs are legalised, drug users will continue to be a menace to themselves and others. Don’t believe him, it is brainwashed right wing bullshit. Take Bubbles from The Wire, a humble, obliging and polite individual. Though he is a work of fiction, he is based on a real life character, and I am sure there are many real life Bubble’s out there. If the government had the balls to listen to experts rather than greedy minds we might all live in a better world.
As I write these words down, I’m puffing away on a big fat L, smirking at my intelligent insight. The Verve lied to you. The drugs do work.

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  • Guest: marlon
    Wed 03 - Nov - 2010, 13:29
    Hello Dominic, I never knew that, but nevertheless this information does not have any impact in the context of what I was saying. Its a great song though, but I was puttig some irony into my comments. Thank you for the information though, much obliged.
  • Guest: dominic.a.haigh
    Tue 02 - Nov - 2010, 22:58
    'The Drugs Don't Work' is actually about Richard Ashcroft's father not responding to chemotherapy.